Fishing Association “Anagennisi”

Fishing Association “Anagennisi” is located in Mesolonghi and it has leased Kleisova’s lagoon from Mesolonghi’s municipality until the year 2022. According to the contract, the leasing of the property by the association is expected to extend until the year 2024, in order to implement investment plans.  

In the commerce field, the association has developed innovative activity. It owns two stores that sell fresh fish, one in Mesolonghi and one in Patras. Based on its regulation, association members can also sell part of the fish production directly to the customers. 
It has developed a diverse range of alternative fishing-tourism activities, for schools, universities, public entities and other coordinated groups of visitors, from Greece and abroad.

Since 2013, the association owns the only certified workshop for the production of the “Botargo of Mesolonghi” under the protected designation of origin, according to the m.d.269858/1994(3/Β-7/1/1994).